Polymiron (po LIM er on) is a novel iron-rich ionomer that utilizes a by-product of the Kraft paper-making process known as tall oil fatty acids or TOFA. So it is a bio-polymer derived from a non-petroleum and renewable plant source. Polymiron has a range of potential applications as a coating, sealer, resin, and tar. Like Ferrock it is carbon negative and captures CO2 as it cures. Also like Ferrock it generates a mix of hydrogen, formic acid, and other fuel gases as a by-product of the curing reactions. Unlike Ferrock it can be electrically conductive and this opens up the potential to recharge it so that it regains its reactivity with CO2 and water to produce fuel gases in an ongoing cycle. If so it might be used in energy conversion systems. A provisional patent application has been filed on this new organo-metallic composite and some preliminary analysis has been done but it needs to be further developed and the composition refined and optimized. 

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