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September 2019

Iron Shell will soon be working with the San Carlos Apache Tribe on construction projects using Ferrock as a binder and recycled glass as the aggregate. The glass source will be discarded bottles collected from the Tribal land and then crushed into a sand-sized grit and larger gravel-like chunks. This glass aggregate will be mixed with the Ferrock powder, which is also mostly other industrial waste materials including steel dust and fly ash.


This project will be closely connected with the development of the Tribe's planned Building and Construction Trades educational program at the San Carlos Apache College. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Martin Ahumada and capable management of Dr. Lisa Eutsey, this visionary program and others are making the new college a rising star in the Tribal higher education system. 

If we can be as successful as we hope these efforts will lead to the formation of a San Carlos Apache Construction Company that specializes in green building materials, both new ones like Ferrock and old ones like tufa stone block, which was used almost 100 hundred years ago to construct some of the most attractive buildings in the center of San Carlos. Tufa is naturally occurring locally and is lightweight and insulating.