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The EPA-funded field trials of Ferrock on the Tohono O'odham Indian Nation were 

described in a PBS Newshour report that aired in April, 2015. To see it click here.

Also in 2015, David Stone presented this project at a conference called "Seizing the Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization." Later, he was invited to write a chapter for a book collection of these presentations entitled Rebuilding After Collapse and sub-titled Political Structures for Creative Response to the Ecological Crisis. David's chapter focuses on one of the structures he and his Native co-workers built on the Tohono O'odham Nation, a small, domed, traditional "pit house" made with Ferrock. The title of the chapter is "Rebuilding the Foundation: the Crucial Role of Materials for a Sustainable World." It is edited by philosopher John Culp and is available from Amazon here

Information about Ferrock and Iron Shell has been picked up and discussed on a number of websites. One of the best examples of a fair and insightful article about Ferrock and the effort to develop an alternative green cement is on the Build Abroad website here.

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