We at Iron Shell Material Technologies are proud to be a member of the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council As a start up, we participate in their Innovators' Roundtable and this year we were selected to make our pitch at their Technology Showcase on May 7 in Cincinnati. Wish us luck!

Dr. David Stone is a member of the American Chemical Association and actively participates in their Green Chemistry and Engineering Conferences. This year he will again represent Iron Shell at their Product Showcase in June. 

Iron Shell is also a proud member of the Structural Insulated Panel Association, which promotes the use of pre-manufactured panels for home construction, which is a more efficient way to build as well as being more energy efficient too, so good for the environment. We will soon be developing our own unique SIP product that utilizes our materials. 

The Iron Shell team has participated in several entrepreneurial programs and workshops. Most recently, in the NSF I-CORPS program at the University of Arizona and put on by Tech Launch Arizona. Before that, we were in the Phase 0 mentoring program funded by the DOE and administered by Dawnbreaker

As an early stage startup, we are just beginning to build our network. If you feel we should connect with your company or organization please let us know!

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