expanding the range of iron-based materials in construction, energy, and manufacturing

Iron Shell Material Technologies is an early stage R&D startup focused on innovative iron-based, carbon-negative materials for construction and other industries. David Stone is the founder and the inventor of the first two products that have been developed so far.  


As a startup, Iron Shell faces some daunting challenges in commercializing new materials in the highly competitive and conservative construction industry. We are seeking a partner company that can help commercialize these materials on a large scale. We offer our patents and our expertise in developing new green products that are carbon-negative. The motivation for us all to make these changes will only increase in the future. We are part of a bigger movement that transcends market needs. 

The patent on Ferrock is held by the University of Arizona, where Dr. Stone invented it, and is available for licensing through them. A patent application has been submitted for Polymiron by Iron Shell. 

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