expanding the range of iron-based materials in construction, energy, and manufacturing

Iron Shell Material Technologies is an early stage R&D startup focused on innovative iron-based, carbon-negative materials for construction and other industries. David Stone PhD is the founder and the inventor of the first two products that have been developed so far. Bill VerDuin has recently joined him and brings his extensive entrepreneurial expertise to the venture. 


As a startup, Iron Shell faces some daunting challenges in commercializing new materials in the highly competitive and conservative construction industry. We will focus on those applications where our materials have the most advantage such as fire and heat resistance. Another market niche will be those early adopters of green and sustainable materials. Iron Shell seeks to partner with progressive architects and builders serving this clientele. We are also seeking a partner company that can help  commercialize these materials on a larger scale. We offer our patents and our expertise in developing new products that are both better and greener at a competitive cost. The motivation for us all to make these changes will only increase in the future. We are part of a bigger movement that transcends market needs. 

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